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I started by writing about anything that I got stuck on for more than about thirty minutes. I then wrote a report on what I did to unstick myself and why the solution works. In writing this up, I'd often uncover lingering questions that I didn't fully understand yet, do more research, and come away with an even better understanding than before. My audience was always, and largely still is, myself.
If anyone else benefits, all the better.

Motivation is harder to crack - I wish I had some magic potion here. Some weeks are harder than others... my motivation is that I might have the same question again in 6 months. It's happened more than once already, where I've needed an answer that I myself have written a post about. That's pretty useful.


That's an interesting approach. Thanks for your input!


The one change I have made in my attitude recently is to say "discipline" instead of "motivation". I want to have the discipline to post often so I lowered my bar.


Just not pre-judging and gate-keeping myself. Maybe it's not the most profound thing, or original, but if I think it will help someone, I'll publish. I try to worry less about criticism or "being wrong" -- I can correct wrong things.

I believe I will get better with practice.

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