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The Six Secrets of a Good Life

👋 dev community,

I watched a YouTube video today by Rakesh Godhwani who is a faculty at IIM Bangalore, the top ranked business school in India. for over 12 years.

In the video, he goes on to share the six secrets to a good and meaningful life with examples from his favourite movies.

Here is the list for those of us too lazy to watch the whole video -

  1. Collect knowledge, not marks 💯
  2. Collect skills, not degrees 🎓
  3. Collect friends, not followers 🎎
  4. Collect health, not wealth 💰
  5. Collect experiences, not rewards 🏆
  6. Collect your purpose in life, not your position and power 💪

I completely love this list. It focus on what is important in life and what really matters.

It is not wrong to want everything in life, say both health and wealth, but yes the focus should be on health over wealth.

Please do watch the video if you get a chance, as he would explain these a lot better than this short list of points.

Thanks for reading!

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