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What time to workout as a programmer?

Programming is a good way to stretch the synapses between your brain cells but usually comes with a price to pay. As everything in life is Ying-Yang and requires some balance.

We, humans, are made for work. By work, I mean physical work. If you go a couple of thousands of years into the past you would see that men would fight for food and territory and women would collect berries as well. In other words "You have to deserve your food on the table". Those days are way behind us, but our bodies aren't.

If you exercise on the daily basis, let's say 15 minutes of stretching or some calisthenics you will achieve a tremendous amount of motivation for other stuff in life. A cure for laziness would be a daily workout. Treat it as a daily stand-up meeting with your team.
Slap that favorite podcast, do some exercises, and thank me later.

Often decision-fatigue kick in after your busy working hours and you depleted your if-else blocks in your brain. Usually, those logical blocks would re-fill after a good sleep.

If you are not familiar with decision fatigue you can read more here.

Technical details:

  • 15 minutes are less than 2% of your day.
  • better mood
  • good drive to start the day
  • keeping your heart happy

What type of workouts are good:

  • running (yes, try run 15 minutes with regular pace)
  • stretching / yoga
  • HIIT(high interval intensity training)
  • Tabata
  • Jump rope
  • Calisthenics circuit training

Anyway, I suggest that kind of workout be done either fasted as first thing in the morning or first thing after your breakfast. That way you can kickstart your day, get that adrenaline + dopamine booster and you'll be ready to battle the day. Otherwise, decision fatigue will take over especially after long working day.


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10x learner

Nice article @boryans 👍

Do you have any workout routine on which you rely on ? Or do you improvise it, on the fly ? I ask this question because I am trying to improve how I currently work out.

Note: Do you know about the #FitDev community ? It may interest you, if you don't (I put a link to their discord 😉)

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Jonas Brømsø

Hi @10xlearner

I am at my best when it comes to concentration in the morning. So I schedule my runs for the afternoon, just after the end of the workday. My exercise do not require the same concentration and after a a day at the computer and in an office, it is a nice change to go AFK and get out.

My recommendation is to schedule your exercise, when you feel tired from concentration and productivity is low.

The challenge is actually getting out, since you are tired and you can easily end up napping or consuming pulp entertainment, which is perfectly fine, but do it after your exercise session - as @boryans write, it takes up very little time.

boryans profile image

Hi, thanks! :)
Currently, I am focused on calisthenics circuit which gives me pump and energy througout the day.

Type of training would depend on your personal preference/goals.

Thanks for the link, I will join the community.