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Open Source Resources for Beginners

Getting into open source can be very intimidating, especially for junior developers. Here's a list of resources that seem to lower the barrier for new contributors.

  • Read First Timers Only to feel good about the world. Then, search github for a list of open first-timers-only issues inspired by Kent's post.

  • Awesome for Beginners is a project that lists other projects that have issues for beginners or new contributors. It even tells you how each project labels their issues. For example, ember.js's label is "good for new contributors"

  • Up For Grabs is another way to find tasks curated for those new to open source.

  • Although they don't tweet too much, Your First PR is a twitter account that tweets starter issues.

  • Once you get started, take Shubheksha Jalan's advice and start blogging about your experience as a new open source contributor.

  • And if you're reading this because you thought this was actually a guide to open-sourcing your project, How to Get Started with Open Source is what you're looking for.

Shoutout to Jesse Ditson for sending me a big chunk of this list and for being so thoughtful and encouraging, all the damn time. He works for Attic Labs and their project, Noms, a decentralized database, has starter issues labeled "GoodFirstBug". ✌️

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srajappa profile image
Srinivasan Rajappa

I just made my first PR!!

After cowing and shying away from this, I made the first PR :)

Thanks again :)

jess profile image
Jess Lee

YAY!!! Congratulations!

I encourage you to read New Contributors to Open Source, Please Blog more 😉

sudo_bangbang profile image
Roshan Jossey

I’m working on a project to help beginners get started on contributing open source projects.
It’d be awesome if you could check it out and gimme feedback

fryannm profile image
Fryann Martinez

very excited to start to being a part of this

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Ben Halpern

Great list 👌

drews256 profile image
Andrew Stuntz

I wrote a quick page on my website that pulls the top 100 'first-timers-only' tags from github.

tonythetiger323 profile image
Tony Greeley

Thank you so much!

falcon00237 profile image
Adey Kingsley

I want to work on an open source project

belhassen07 profile image
Belhassen Chelbi

I needed this, thanks ♥

ogwurujohnson profile image
Johnson Ogwuru


inesparnisari profile image
Maria Ines Parnisari

I wrote this blog post about how I started contributing:

sammyisa profile image
Sammy Israwi

Amazing, I need to save this!

edrb2409 profile image
Daniel Ron

Great post, thank you!!

andy profile image
Andy Zhao (he/him)

Yay list! Now I have reference for finding open sources projects to work on.