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What is the Best Programming Language for Beginners? | Ask A Dev

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Best Programming Language for Beginners

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In my Opinion, the best programming language for beginners would be ...

⭐️ Javascript ⭐️

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So here are the reasons I think Javascript is the best language for beginners:

1. Low Barrier of Entry

One of the huge advantages of learning Javascript is that it's super easy to get started with. If you have a computer, a browser and a text editor then you have everything you need to get started learning. Even beyond that, there are tons of resources to help you learn. If you do a simple search on "How to learn Javascript" you'll be presented with tons of options of learning. Some of those options will even allow you to start programming right there on their website. It honestly couldn't get any easier than that.

2. Widely Used and Well-Documented

Especially for those looking to learn a language that has a ton of worldwide reach and a ton of resources to learn from, Javascript is the place to be. Not only has Javascript been around for years and years, I would dare say it probably has the most wide variety of learning resources and documentation of any language. The Javascript language is used in web, mobile, gaming and so many other avenues. You can't go wrong digging into Javascript. There are almost an endless amount of options of what you can do and learn with it.

3. Learn from it's Limitations

Oddly enough, I believe that some of Javascript's various weaknesses can actually be a strength for developers trying to learn. At first, as you learn javascript, those weaknesses may not be apparent, but as you grow in your skills and understanding, you will begin to uncover them. Those weaknesses will begin to show you flaws in how you code and practices you should avoid when coding, now and in the future. A good way to think about it is that some of the freedoms and advantages that allow for javascript to be easily learned, can be the things that make mastering it so difficult. And on that path of mastery, you will learn lessons and principles of coding that you can use in your future endeavors (in Javascript and in other languages).

So what do you guys thing about my answer? Is Javascript really the way a new developer should go or did I miss the mark?

I'd love to hear your opinions so I can share them with people looking for answers.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing my perspective and the perspective of the community in my coming "Ask A Dev" blogs.

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===== UPDATE 06/06/2021 =====

Check out what the broader Dev community thinks about this question at my Dev Community Speaks Blog.

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simplegeek profile image

I like JS as a first language, largely because it's so easy to put it in a web page and make it "do stuff". That kind of feedback is very encouraging to new developers.

Personally, I'd want people to choose their first language the same way I choose a language for a project - by picking the right tool for the job. Do they want to build web apps? Start with JS. Do they want to do machine learning? Python! Do they want to build back-end apps? Go with Java. I realize there's actually more choices for each domain than I mentioned here, but finding your niche is a good place to start narrowing down the options.

peterlunch profile image

I think you're right that finding what you actually want to use the language for and starting with that.

If you have nothing to build at the end of learning the basics you won't get much further with that language.

bradstondev profile image
Bradston Henry

I think that's very true. Just learning the language is the beginning but having a project or idea to expand your knowledge after learning the basics is definitely a big help.

bradstondev profile image
Bradston Henry

Good points! Choosing the right tool for the job and what will help you accomplish your goal is a great way to think about it! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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