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Discharge, a simple, easy way to deploy static websites to Amazon S3

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Discharge is, as far as I’m aware, the easiest way to deploy static websites to Amazon S3. I spent hours poring over AWS’s terrible docs so no one else would have to.

The highlights are:

  • Very little understanding of AWS required
  • Interactive UI for configuring deployment
  • Step-by-step list of what’s happening
  • Support for no trailing slashes in URLs
  • Support for subdomains
  • Use an AWS Profile (named credentials) to authenticate with AWS
  • CDN (CloudFront) and HTTPS/TLS support

This has saved me a huge amount of time; I hope it’s helpful to other people. Let me know what you think!

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🤔 Do you mean AWS is really easy to use? Or Discharge is really easy to use?


Sorry about my english, AWS it's easy to use.

No worries! Ah, I don’t think AWS is generally considered easy to use, but if you find it easy, I think you’ll find Discharge makes deploying to S3 even easier! 😄


I think firebase easy too. I never try aws, but i will.
Good post, thanks.

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