What hobby/skill do you wish you pursued more regularly?

briankephart profile image Brian Kephart ・1 min read

Today I played my upright bass for the first time in a couple years. I'm always pleased to get it out and find that my skill on it isn't completely gone, but I'm always bummed that I don't get to give it the time that it deserves.

What skill/hobby do you always wish you were pursuing more regularly?

(My honorable mention: building guitar effects)


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I usually get in enough guitar playing time since I get in some playing time at lunch in the parking lot. However, my time for modifying and building guitar has been more limited. I like to build cigar box style guitars and I want to get into building more of them. I also want to build/assemble more full size regular guitars. Here's one I completed last month...

guitar build


This is pretty. I have guitars, but none that are picturesque.


Nice hardtail! What kind of pickups do you have on that?

Also, I second this :) I play (almost) enough, but I wish I could build more guitars. I've gotten one done in like ten years.


Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound in the bridge position and no-brand-name Chinese made mini-humbucker on the neck.


THIS I try make time for, or else I'm miserable, but it isn't easy. Once you're tired or get busy, it's the easiest thing to let slide.


Anything that involves opening up my sketchbook/journal. Scribbling, note taking, etc. I'm at my best when I have paper and a pen handy, but I sometimes fall into bad habits in this regard.

I also like to paint but I feel like I'm even further from reasonably pursuing that regularly in terms of commitment to setup, cleanup, etc.


I also like to paint but I feel like I'm even further from reasonably pursuing that regularly in terms of commitment to setup, cleanup, etc.

This is what holds me back from making guitar effects. It's so much easier to open my computer or grab a guitar than to cut circuit boards, mix etchant, and solder components.



I love anything aviation and always dreamed of being able to fly.

I even took a few introductory flying lessons but could never afford to pursue it to the end.

My hope is to one day soon be able to get my private pilot's license.

I even made a logbook for a bootcamp project :)


That's great! Good luck (and be safe)!


I wish I had time to sew and ride my motorcycle more.

Both take so much time to do and truly enjoy, there just isn't room for it anymore.


I feel the same way with my guitar, and I also miss drawing. But between work and university it's almost impossible to find the time for those things.


What do you like to play on guitar, when you do get to play?


I love rock in general. Used to play in a lot of different bands since I was 17. I went from punck rock, to hard Rock and finally new metal (my last band was a mixture of Foo Fighters and System of a Down lol). But whenever I had a chance to play I usually go back to my hard rock phase, and sometimes a little punk.


Music. I also recently picked up my guitar after a while of not doing so. It was nice, and also gave me a blister.

I've been intermittently playing keyboard lately, though I don't know too many songs on it.


I was SO happy that playing the upright didn't give me blisters today. Usually when I pick it up again I have to pay that toll.


I just took it as a sign that I was really getting into it :) And also that I don't have my calluses right now.


For me, I wish I had more free time to devote to learning piano. I took lessons for a few years, but since college most of my piano time has been spent learning choral music parts. (Not that I don't enjoy that too.)


For me it's music as well, playing guitar. I was never a great player, but was good enough to write my own tunes.

Sometimes I poke around the computer to see if I have any crap pilling up and stumble upon the folder with riffs and song ideas and think I should really finish at least a couple of them... But it hasn't happened yet.


Cosplay armor and weapon making (thermoplastics and eva foam): it's fun, challenging, rewarding -- but it's time consuming and expensive.

I made a sword last year:



Rock climbing. While I do go climbing once or twice a week, I just don't have the time to climb almost daily like I did in college.

Also, I used to do a lot of personal writing and blogging during high school and early college, both creative writing and Bible study. I really want to be back to doing both.


Running... it’s so much easier when you give it more time.


For me it's cycling, and I was a dedicated runner for years. Both sports richly reward time invested.


Practicing my harmonica and exercising.


Writing - Not just I wish, I pursue it regularly. It makes me feel better.

Besides this, I want to learn dancing.


I actually wish I gave myself more time to work on side projects and learning new technologies. I find by the time I get home I'm tired of staring at screens all day


Drawing! I used to draw a lot. It helped me express ideas better, especially in web design.