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To code or not to code

Is there always a good moment to code? Have you ever asked yourself this kind of question? Have you ever felt that maybe you should take a break instead of writing a code, but you choose to code?

Coding is not just writing a code. It is writing the code. And by doing that you solve a problem, frequently the problem of your clients. By writing the code you agree to be consistent with the language, platform, architecture and the whole system. You agree to follow all the principles of good programming. You agree to create something that will be readable by other programmers, something that will show a clear intent why it has been written for. And that is why, writing a code involves being concentrated and focused for a long time. And that is why, if you feel distracted or tired, you should ask yourself a question whether it is a good moment to code or not.

One may ask how about dedication at work then? We have to remember that dedication does not mean and should not mean working the whole night and day. Dedication is, however, an integral part of professionalism, and professionalism on the other hand involves working effectively, which does mean working endlessly. So, if you are exhausted, do not code. If you are exhausted, go to bed.

Being exhausted is one thing that may make your code suffer from the lack of good quality. Another thing is your personal life or the lack of it. Remember that your home worries and troubles can be great distractors. Even subconsciously they can do a really huge harm to your work. Arguments with a spouse, financial problems, disease of your child… all these and many more can make your code very bloated. Try to solve your personal problems first, then start doing your job.

And now time to flow. Yeah, we all know that the flow zone is incredible. We are masters of code, we are superheroes. We are working incredibly fast. And I would not dare to say that this flow zone is always something bad. But I would dare to suggest here just thinking for a second whether our flow zone is always equal to effective work. Moderation - that is the key. Sometimes working in high speed is really useful, especially when you are practising, but it might be also worth taking a break and consulting what you are doing with your teammate. Remember that going on unpredictable fast coding rides does not always make you more efficient.

Work in such a way, so that you can be always proud of what you are doing. And I can assure you that good results will come.

Originally published at on August 3, 2017.

By Urszula Stankiewicz, Social Media & Employer Branding Girl @ Bright Inventions
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Adrian B.G.

Everyone is too serious, coding doesn't go always with professionalism, there are so many types of coding as there are moods

  • Happy coding, fun useless stuff, same effect as playing a game
  • Sadness coding, you write some emoji algorithms to feel better
  • Kata coding, repeat and focus on different things every time
  • Feeling useless coding , write quick and dirty to deliver something fast so I feel I'm being productive

And I wrote about how the Over Flow harms the code