re: You can now web-monetize your DEV posts! (But don't get your hopes up too quickly) VIEW POST


Yessss! Just added my payment pointer, time to get those fractional pennies!

Now I'm much more excited to get my latest post out! Thanks DEV team!


Fractional pennies? Iā€™m way past that phase, check out these whole pennies streaming in šŸ˜Ž


Hey Ben, a small doubt about web monetization. Where does this money come from? If you could point to a doc which explains how the whole thing works.

The money comes from other users/readers who use web monetization. As far as I know, Coil is the only payment service available right now, and costs $5/month.

DEV is actually hosting a hackathon right now centered around web monetization and the announcement post explains it all pretty well. Here's a link to it.


It would be interesting in the next few weeks to see some rough analytics for avg. $/view that a popular post gets. Then in the longer term, actually plotting that across months to see if there is a measure increase or trend.

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