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What are your tips for staying focused?

I find it takes me a while to get focused, and I only stay focused by chance.

How do you consistently get focused and stay focused?

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Ben Halpern

One trick is to give yourself some rules that dictate when you're allowed to do something off-task.

Basically: As soon as I finish this thing, I get to goof off, take a break, distract myself.

The trick is that once you start doing this, you often enjoy it and want to let it ride. "How much can I accomplish in this one stretch" sort of situation.

Overall it's a nice trick for getting into the zone and finishing work.

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Ben i should try this, i am easily distructed especially when things get tough, i tell myself 'oh! Lemme relax a bit' and then i waste hour😃

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  1. define the tasks you need to finish in a to-do list manner and don't jump between them haphazardly.

1a. I don't know about you but if you're a beginner and working on a project which you want to focus at my post may be helpful to you:

  1. figure out what is it that distracts you and cut it off

  2. when you encounter a problem and you stopped typing don't try to use your phone, you waste the time browsing it and the time to get re-focused

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Wemerson Queiroz

I like to use an app called Flipd, where I use the Pomodoro function to study in blocks. you can set like 40m blocks with 10 minutes for resting, if it's too much you can use lowers blocks until you get used to it.

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+1 for pomodoro's

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For me, planning and maintaining my schedule breaks help keep me focused. With task management software like Wrike or Quire, I like to plan my to-do list and prioritize them as well. During working hours, I like to squeeze in a 5 - 10 mins break and do something completely unrelated to what I did during work, for instance, reading a book or taking a walk. This will help your brain 'breathe' and you will be ready to focus again.

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Emmanuil B.

This is the way, makes work so much more enjoyable 😆

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Diner Das

Personal kanban boards help. I use "Kanbanier" for Mac. It's totally local (not attached to a web program), and totally bare bones. It's just for me.

I'd take suggestions if there are any completely minimal personal kanban boards because Kanbanier is honestly lacking in amazing UX, but I really like that it's just a local app that isn't attached to the web.

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Jeremy Friesen

If I need to focus on a task, I write down what "done" looks like. This helps me frame the problem and sets my full focus.

From there, it becomes writing tests, refactoring, writing documentation. And if I drift from the task, I can go back to "done" and see where things are at. Maybe add a checkbox or two that I've "discovered" along the way.

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Whenever I lose my focus , I always go for a trip that really helps me to stay focused . Vashikaran Specialist in Mumbai pay after results

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Reza Heidari

Well, todays world is all about social media stuff. In my case, I always be aware of Instagram or twitter. Because when I start browsing for fun, I really cannot understand time pass. So putting phone a little away works fine for me.

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Leonardo Guedez • Edited

would be really cool to see someone make sick ninja nunchucks moves at the office hahah