With Google Apps Script going to V8, whither ts2gas?

bugmagnet profile image Bruce Axtens ・1 min read

Maybe I missed something (very likely I missed something!) but I was wondering, now that Google Apps is V8-based, where does that put Typescript and, particularly, ts2gas?

ts2gas is part of the workflow for me building things in Google Sheets. I have a project in VSCode with a pile of .gs file and every so often I enter the command clasp push which uses the clasp tool to push my code up to the server for use in a Sheets project.

Up until now I've been having the Typescript/ts2gas workflow convert the code to something the legacy, pre-V8, engine could evaluate. Now that V8's in the picture I can, supposedly, upload a more modern dialect.

How do I make that happen? Am I still using ts2gas? What do I need to change in my tsconfig.json file (if anything)?


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It doesn't change anything for you because you still need to transpile Typescript but for vanilla JS app scripts this changes a lot :)