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Full Stack Serverless: a new YouTube course from Bytesized Code

Kristian here – I'm super excited to share a new series on the Bytesized Code YouTube channel! Check out the Full Stack Serverless playlist over at the channel 📺

I think it's a little silly to talk in-depth about a series of videos, so I'll briefly describe what full-stack serverless is, and why I'm excited about it. As the developer advocate for Cloudflare Workers, I spend a ton of time thinking about how to make serverless development approachable to developers. With a background in full-stack development, I often find myself trying to figure out the path between the kind of projects I've made in the past (Frontend Jobs, for instance), which are generally full-stack projects, serving a ton of HTML, CSS and JS to a user, and serverless projects, which are small, stateless, and highly available.

The plan for Full Stack Serverless playlist is to build a long-lived, multi-project series, showing off the pros and cons of building projects on top of serverless. As you might imagine, each project will likely involve Cloudflare Workers, but it's definitely not an ad: an upcoming project will lean really heavily on Firebase to provide serverless database functionality, and in general, I plan to cover the entire serverless ecosystem, regardless of platform or provider.

I first saw the term "full stack serverless" used by my pal Nader Dabit, who's working on an O'Reilly book showing how to build applications using AWS Amplify. His content is great (and the accompanying Byteconf live-coding/interview that I did with him was a ton of fun: linked below), and I think the tech around building full-stack serverless apps just keeps getting better and better. I'm excited about the future of this space, and I'm hoping to get the chance to do a bit of innovating on how to do it well - stay tuned!

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I dont know, I tried Netlify and there was no way to link a database. Am I not looking at the right documentation?