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My dev conference project Byteconf is giving away over $2000 in web dev subscriptions, courses and more

Hey, Kristian from Byteconf here! Over the last eight months, I've been building Byteconf - I've posted here before announcing our free React conference and free React Native conference.

A Very Merry Byteconf

Our community has grown a TON in the first year of Byteconf, and to celebrate, we've partnered up with a ton of great folks in the frontend web development community to give away all kinds of exciting products and subscriptions to help you jumpstart your web dev career – over $2000 in prizes!

I'm thrilled to be announcing Byteconf's first giveaway: "A Very Merry Byteconf".

We're giving away a ton of incredible stuff, thanks to some of our friends and favorite companies in the web dev community.

Three lucky winners will get one of each above prize, and a shout out on our social media pages!

The way the giveaway is set up is pretty rad - there's the opportunity to submit up to fourteen entries, so check out all the potential options.

A huge shout out to our friends GitHub,, Kent C. Dodds, Manning, and Moon Highway for helping us out with this giveaway! We're super excited to help people get started in web dev in the new year.

The deadline for signing up is December 31st, 2018.

Don't miss it - join now!

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cool ! thanks for all this !