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How to reliable copy files from android to pc

can't belive that we are sending persons to the moon but its not possible to reliable copy files from android to the pc.

the mtp protocol is a real s**t, files are not there which i know that they are there. often my workaround was to copy the file to the external sd and connect the sd via a cardreader to the pc. also tried apps like SD Scanner which refreshes the file database(?) so the files are correctly displayed on the pc.

what really helped was installing adb, enabling the developer mode and simply use the pull function to copy the whole directory.

adb pull /storage/emulated/0


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Dmitry Yakimenko • Edited

Next level puzzle: copy files between Android and iOS without using the 🌦️

It's quite amazing what we achieved with computers and other gadgets. But that aspect is kinda stuck in the 80s.

I came back to edit to say in the 80s we could stick a floppy into any PC and copy files. It's more like pre World War II.

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I had the same problem, and finally I've solved it installing an ssh server app and connecting to it (scp, rsync, winscp... Whatever ssh tool you like)

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I use MyPhoneExplorer to sync my files.

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looks like closed source...