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Want to become an open source contributor?

Hey everyone! For anyone interested in joining a project, I am leading an open source project called Ano.js, which is a web animation library that can be integrated into websites with just two lines of code! The goal is to allow users to have web animations without coding at all. Even tools like Mo.js and Anime.js (which are amazing) require coding.

Open source contributors create their own web animations and upload them to the Ano.js database, where it will be displayed on our website. It will be labelled that you created the animation, and you will receive credit for it. You can add this as an experience to your LinkedIn, a project to your portfolio, or add it to your resume! Everything you do as a contributor is on your own time. No deadlines, no requirements, no prior knowledge required. 

I am looking for more open source contributors to join us, so if you're interested, please visit and enter your email and GitHub username, and you will automatically be invited to our Slack workspace and added as a collaborator to our GitHub repository.

Please DM me if you have any questions!

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I want to be as tactful as I can in what I say, but I'm at a loss of words on how best to formulate this. What you're attempting to do here is misguided.

Lets talk about animation libraries for a second. Traditionally the approach for any sort of graphing for practical purposes has been to provide rich configuration options. The authors would tell themselves that they have "all the use-cases" covered, until someone comes along and can't do what they're looking to do. Maybe they want to turn something upside down? Don't fret, just add a new configuration option. You can understand why it would get ridiculous.

Eventually, we decided to move on to what is now known as "code over configuration". The idea is to expose some API surface and let us implement exactly what we want ourselves. It's very hard to say that "anime.js" doesn't work for you, as you can do anything you want with it. It gives you control.

What you're doing on the other hand has an astronomically small chance of fitting my arbitrary vision, and if it doesn't. Well.. I can't use what you made at all. You cannot acquire users in this fashion.

Additionally, what you're attempting to do suffers from a couple more maladies:

1) It is not portable. (Can I integrate with React? Angular? My Smart TV?)
2) There are no standards or shared APIs (self-explanatory)

I really don't mean to be a buzzkill, but this doesn't even look like a library at all. I can't find the ano.js file. You're seemingly setting out to churn out a bunch of animations which nobody will ever use, and there are likely better uses of your time.

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Mohammad Wali

Same for me :(

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Calix Huang

Interesting. Mind trying again?