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Are you using Redux or thinking about using it?

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Are you using Redux or thinking about using it? YOU DO NOT need it! React is a complete library to control the state of our applications. Using React Context in combination with Local State in your components is more than enough. Simplify the management of the state in your project and save valuable bytes 💰. How? Use useContext and useState, I recommend this great article by Kent C. Dodds, comes with examples and a deep explanation of this pattern that I use in all my projects and is very powerful: Application State Management with React. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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Good luck!

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Giovanni Mazzuoccolo • Edited

It depends. When the application grows you need something more than useContext and useState. I think it is fine for settings like “night mode” or values that don’t changes often.

Also, redux offers time travel debugging, redux DEV tools, also it’s quite nice and it easier to test and maintain.

At the end it’s a choice to take into account when your app becomes more complex and complex :)