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Why I got involved with CascadiaJS

CascadiaJS is one of my favorite conferences. Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest the conference, which focuses on the community and talent here, has a special place in my heart. Every year I leave the event feeling renewed and excited about the work we do as developers, as well as looking forward to all the great things my fellow attendees will achieve. I’ll be attending again this year remotely on September 1-2, and you should too! Here’s why:

The talks are amazing

speaker on stage discussing code

speaker on stage discussing ableism

I’ve been attending since 2018 and the one thing that I always look forward to are the talks. These aren’t your usual tech conference talks. In the past I’ve enjoyed talks covering a wide range of topics ranging from how to use machine learning to prevent people from hacking a Porg to scream when your build breaks to building VR experiences on the web, to addressing ableism in the developer community.

This year will be no different. There will be talks about integrating AI with robotics, building mental health support into our communities, how constraints can actually help stimulate creativity in web development, and deep dives into the impact of memory leaks (just to name a few). The talks I see at CascadiaJS blow me away every year and I expect this year to be just the same.

The community is top-notch

CascadiaJS mission statement

I think the picture of the CascadiaJS mission above says it all. Community is the heart of the conference. I always come away from my time at CascadiaJS feeling warm and fuzzy. Everyone in the CJS community is friendly, welcoming and love to support each other in getting better. No matter your experience level you’ll find people who want to chat with you about a huge range of topics and make you and the developer community in the Pacific Northwest better. The CascadiaJS Slack has channels where folks can get #virtual-coffee, ask for advice in #mentorship, or just keep each other company while working from home. That magic won’t go away just because the event will be online; the team is even working on ways to recreate the in-person hallway track that we all know and love.

A great example of the strength of the CascadiaJS community is the Opportunity Scholarship program they run. The team wants to ensure that anyone who wants to attend the conference has the ability and offer heavily discounted and free tickets to anyone who is a member of an under-represented minority in tech.

Learn more about the scholarship program and how to apply here!Want to help support the scholarship program? Donate here!

Fun conference events events and swag

picture of photo booth group

Past events have ranged from having parties at the Living Computers Museum, renting out entire movie theaters for a special premier, karaoke get togethers and events focusing on mentorship.

This year will obviously be a bit different because of the remote aspect driven by the global situation with COVID-19, but word has it the team has some great surprises in store.You don't even have to wait until September to join in! There are events planned prior to the conference kick off (including a job fair the day before the conference).

Did I mention that you still get incredible swag just for buying a ticket? Just because we can't hang out in person doesn't mean we should miss out on all the cool conference stuff! This year all attendees who register before the 24th (that's today!) will get a coveted CascadiaJS hoodie, a bunch of stickers, and other really cool secret surprises in time for the conference. You really don't want to miss out on it, trust me.

Want to join the fun?

Like I said, I’m counting down the days until CascadiaJS kicks off on September 1st. Want to grab a ticket so you’re not left out? Grab one here (don’t forget to register before the 24th so you get your swag). See you there!

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Thank you Brenden! Hope to see you there, too!