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Week 1: In a Coding Bootcamp - My experience!

Sometime ago I announced here that I had been awarded a full scholarship to join a software development Bootcamp. So the Bootcamp started last week with an orientation and onboarding sessions. And the real lessons started this week on Monday.

My first week experience has been good and exciting since we have been covering Html, css, bootstrap, Git, and Linux - Ubuntu. I have a good background with these topics apart from Ubuntu. I have been using windows but the Bootcamp instructions are based on Linux so everybody was required to install and learn how to use it.

A while ago I had started the 100daysofcode challenge, but on the way I lost track of the days, but now with this new chapter in my career, I will document my weekly experience here for the next 6month until the Bootcamp is over.

New things learned

  1. Using Ubuntu terminal and command line to create, delete,move, rename, etc stuff.
  2. Git branches, github pages, writing a readme file. I was already using git but I haven't used these command before.
  3. Weekly independent projects - this week our project involved developing my portfolio landing page using html and css. I just finished mine, I will post the site here after the TM has graded it.

See you next Sunday with an update of what I learned on my week 2.

Most insightful thing learned.

How to write meaningful git commit messages.
So your commit message should be in present tense and, as a rule of thumb, they should complete the phrase "This commit will.....".
Eg. This commit will add an index.html page".

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