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Catherine Chen
Catherine Chen

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February Code Challenge: 28 Websites in 28 Days

(Scroll below for updates!)

Hey everyone!

Recently I've decided to give myself a Code Challenge every month (for the remainder of 2023) to stretch my skills and have a bit of fun. This February, I'll be making 28 websites for my first challenge! 🤯

I'm a little apprehensive (okay, actually more than a little) since I don't usually code seven days a week, which means I may have to double up on some days to fully complete this challenge.

Here are a few ideas I have of simple websites I could make for this challenge:

  • websites for people
  • revamping UI for "ugly" websites
  • landing pages selling nonexistent products
  • fanpages?
  • ...

(Due to time constraints, these websites will be relatively simple, with perhaps only 1-3 pages.)

I'll be updating my progress on this post periodically as I work through the challenge. Wish me luck!




Day 4: Favorite Quotes Website

Tools: Astro, TailwindCSS, Pocketbase

For Day 4 of this challenge, I built a quick website of my favorite quotes (with a theme inspired by Tumblr). I self-hosted Pocketbase for my backend and deployed my frontend with Vercel.

Day 3: Spy School Website

Tools: Astro, TailwindCSS

I've always wanted to become a secret agent, so I created a simple landing page for an imaginary spy school. =)

This is one project I'd love to continue in the future though, especially since I see so much potential for teaching important lessons through this kind of theme.

Day 2: Embassy University (UI Revamps)

Tools: Astro, TailwindCSS

Today I finally got to revamp an old website I’ve been eyeing for sometime: Embassy University! I know I could’ve done a better job with the UI, but at least it looks better than the original. 😅

(Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with this site, nor does me making a different version of their homepage indicate my endorsement of their beliefs and values. 🙃)

Day 1: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (PD Books)

Tools: Astro, ReactJS, Pocketbase, TailwindCSS

This first site is a website with custom annotations to bring public domain books to life! I was only able to get the preface of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer complete, but you can bet I’ll return to this project later to add more chapters.

Deciding how I wanted to display annotations was the most difficult part, but after I completed that, I finished the project quickly.

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