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Learning to Learn- Get the Most Out of Learning with These Resources

As an industry focused on innovation and constant improvement, learning is something that comes with being in tech. No matter what level you're at or where you are in your tech journey, all of us have to learn new things. This is why knowing how to learn is so important.

Knowing how to learn is a topic I'm super passionate about. I'm giving an egghead Talk all about learning tips every developer should know. This post is a companion to that talk.

Learning Tips Every Developer Should Know is semi based on this article I wrote earlier this year.

In my talk, I reference several different resources that have helped me improve my learning techniques. I'll be listing all of those resources here so that you can check them out and become a master of learning. And as always, don't hesitate to add your own resources in the comments. Enjoy!

Talks You Should Watch

  • Mahmoud Abdelwahab- Don't Do These Things When Learning to Code

    In this talk, Mahmoud talks about some of the mistakes he made learning to code. It really reminded me of my own journey. But he doesn't leave it at that. Mahmoud outlines practical steps beginners can take to make sure they get the most out of learning to code. Follow Mahmoud on Twitter.

  • Maggie Appleton's Visual Metaphors Talk

    I thoroughly enjoyed this talk. Maggie goes into her workflow and thought process for creating illustrations that go along with courses. She also defines some key concepts that can help anyone turn abstract coding concepts into meaningful illustrations and metaphors. Watching this talk will definitely help you to up your learning game. Follow Maggie on Twitter.

  • Ali Spittel- How to Teach Coding

    Ali Spittel is an amazing teacher! She has written so many great articles that have really helped me learn to code. In her talk, she gives tips that can help you become an amazing teacher too! Teaching others is a great way to learn. Even if you're not a teacher by trade, knowing how to teach and knowing how to learn are extremely valuable skills in this industry. Ali's talk will help you to gain the skills you need to become a great teacher. Follow Ali on Twitter.

Articles You'll Enjoy

Useful Tools

  • Pomodoro Chrome Extension
    This is the Pomodoro timer I use to help me to stay focused.

  • Forest App
    I haven't used this app. But many people have recommended it to me. If your phone is your main distraction, this app will help you a lot!

  • Learning How to Learn Course on Coursera
    I took this course about a year ago. If you're interested in hearing about the science behind learning, this course is perfect for you. You'll learn about the different learning states that

Active Recall Videos

One of my favorite study/note-taking techniques is active recall. If you're interested in learning more about active recall, these two videos will fill in all the blanks for you. They even include some scientific evidence that proves why active recall is great.

Note Taking Videos

I take my notes on my iPad. I've watched TONS of videos about how to take notes on an iPad. Here are my favorites. Full disclosure, my notes don't look like this and they never will. But I still learned a lot of effective note-taking tips from these videos.

Music to Study to

If you prefer to study with some light music in the background, I got your back. This music doesn't have any words so it's great for studying or doing any kind of focused work.

I hope you found this article helpful! And I hope you enjoyed my talk if you had the chance to watch it. Thanks for reading!

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