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What advise will I give to someone in his twenties

  1. Start a side hustle- a blog, a podcast, a youtube channel or anything else. You would learn so much about business, marketing, customer psychology, content creation that no class can teach you. Get your hands dirty with action. And who knows, you might even be able to make some money (though don’t focus on the money part, this is about learning).
    1. Social media is made addictive to extract the most time out of you. Do you think Mark Zuckerberg’s children scroll Facebook all day? Spoiler alert- THEY DON’T (Google it). When you scroll social media, content creators get paid, advertisers get paid, smartphone companies get paid, your internet provider gets paid, and the social media company gets paid. Everyone gets paid EXCEPT you. Keep this mind and don’t waste time on social media.
    2. Develop new skills for the internet age. College won’t teach you much. Learn coding, graphic design, writing, finance, communication, and other skills to get prepared for placements. Your college will just hand you a piece of paper (degree) at the end and it won’t mean sh*t.
    3. Don’t play it safe. If you wanna be a DJ, a wedding planner, a yoga instructor- GO FOR IT! If you succeed, great! If don’t, you would rest easy knowing you tried. Regret is poison and it will eat you inside for life.
    4. Play outside sports. It will keep you happy and young!
    5. Reading is the best stress reliever. Even better than music (science says!).
    6. Cultivate friendships. Don’t be too arrogant to stay in touch with your school friends. They are probably the last bunch of true friends you will ever have in life.
    7. Authenticity is cool. Originality is cool. Being yourself is cool. If you act cool to make friends or impress people, you will attract the wrong crowd which will backfire later in life.
    8. Confidence is loving yourself and accepting your shortcomings. Know about your weaknesses, joke about them, and then work on improving them secretly.
    9. Have a lot of hobbies. Even if you spend time watching Netflix, watch different types and genres of content. If you like reading, read different genres. This will improve your ability to think broadly and give you a unique perspective.
    10. Masturbation and Porn will kill your energy and drive. Stop doing it immediately. Instead, use that extra energy and go for a run or exercise in the gym. Your 30s will thank you for it.
    11. Plan your day/week in advance. This will help you mindfully spend every hour of every day and you will procrastinate a lot less.
    12. Lastly, most “grown ups” are simply kids with bad attitude. Most don’t know what they are doing. Don’t get intimidated by their “experience”.

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Most amazing thing is :
I'm 16 and I read this type of life articles suitable for 20s :D :D