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Chandra Prakash Tiwari
Chandra Prakash Tiwari

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Node Vs Deno

Node vs Deno


  • Developed by a single person( Ryan Dahl)
  • Both are JavaScript runtime
  • Both help in developing applications
  • Both support Typescript
  • Both uses chrome v8 engine


  • Node is written in C++, deno is using Rust language.
  • Node uses npm and imports libraries locally, deno uses urls for module usage
  • Node doesn't have built Typescript support, deno has
  • Node was launched in 2009 and Deno launched in 2020.

Funfact: “Deno” is actually an anagram for “Node”.

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Florian Rappl

Deno also uses V8. The difference is in event loop impl., where Deno uses Tokio (Rust) instead of libuv (C).

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Pranjal Verma

Hey guys, I have been working on my very first APIs project and in that project I'm making a "QUIZ APP", where from an API. I have been taking 10 question and giving them multiple choices and at end they will be getting scored. I'm using NODE.JS, EXPRESS, REQUEST, EJS for the app.

The problem comes here when i get a string from API. I change it to an object using JSON.parse() and sending it to EJS files and then displayed. but when their are symbols in question like ", ' , and more they are displayed as &139; , " like that.

                      HOW DO I FIX THAT.
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Chandra Prakash Tiwari

Actually, I didn't get the complete query.
But it seems you are facing challenges in using ' and "
You can use string in either " " or ' ' . Keep in mind you can't use double inverted commas inside double inverted commas , but you can use single inside double inverted commas and vice versa.

Eg " Ram is a 'SDE' at google."
This is correct.
You can us, backticks, single and double inverted commas.
Its simple but I can't explain complety here.

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Pranjal Verma

Ek API se main data lera hu

Thread Thread
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Pranjal Verma

Usko json parse krne ke baad bhi " ni aare unke unicodes aare hai

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Pranjal Verma

No that's no the case

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Molossus Spondee

Both use v8

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Stephen F

You also have restricted permissions on launch preventing unnecessary actions on system resources.