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[Face Mask Detection - My major project]

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Face Mask Detector

Demo Link:

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Face Mask Detection system based on computer vision and deep learning using OpenCV and Tensorflow/Keras

Face Mask Detection

Face Mask Detection system built with OpenCV, Keras/TensorFlow using Deep Learning and Computer Vision concepts in order to detect face masks in static images as well as in real-time video streams.

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😇 Motivation

In the present scenario due to Covid-19, there is no efficient face mask detection applications which are now in high demand for transportation means, densely populated areas, residential districts, large-scale manufacturers and other enterprises to ensure safety. Also, the absence of large datasets of ‘with_mask’ images has made this task more cumbersome and challenging.

Project Demo

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Already deployed version

⚠️ TechStack/framework used


Our face mask detector didn't use any morphed masked images dataset. The model is accurate, and since we used the MobileNetV2 architecture, it’s also computationally efficient and thus making it easier to deploy the model to embedded systems…

Built it using Caffe based face detector model along with MobileNetV2 for fine tuning using transfer learning. The dataset was made custom using Bing search API, RMFD and Kaggle datasets of real "with_mask" images. Used Python script with Keras, and TensorFlow as the backend.

This idea came in my mind mainly due to the current situation of Covid-19. Will be presenting this idea for my final presentation of my college semester in mid-June.

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Philip Purwoko

The one I was looking for 👍

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Chandrika Deb Author

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Surya Vamsi

Does this work with multiple faces simultaneously?

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Surya Vamsi

Cool, Thanks