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I like something upbeat but without lyrics. Lyrics mess me up bad. Sometimes I even just get instrumental versions of my favorite songs but usually I just search youtube for study music. I listen to the freecodecamp music stream a lot as well!


I guess I'm one of those developers who don't listen to music while coding. 🤔


In Office, I will not listen to music while I coding. Only during go back home.


For me it is power metal \m/

Unfortunately there is a lot of noise in my office so I need something to overcome the voices, the rattling of the AC/heater, phone ringtones, eating, etc.


Listening to metal while coding is one of the best feeling haha


99.9% of the time it's movie soundtracks - inspiring music, with no dance beat or lyrics for my hind brain to grab onto


I like listening "Game of Thrones" soundtracks. They are without lyrics =)


Videogame and movie soundtracks are great.

Also Russian hardbass (хардбасс) is absolutely awesome for working or working out at the gym.

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