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Top 10 Trending Projects on GitHub for Web Developers

GitHub is not just a version control service, it is a terrific content resource for all-things-development.

There are a lot of repositories out there that can help you as a developer by providing great value for you. So no matter what type of developer you are, you should always take the advantage of GitHub.

In this article, I decided to share top 10 trending projects on github for web developers that you can benefit from as a web developer. Let’s gets to check out.

1. Turborepo

  • Turborepo is a high-performance build system for JavaScript and TypeScript codebases.
  • Turborepo reimagines build system techniques used by Facebook and Google to remove maintenance burden and overhead.

Checkout this repo here

2. Statsig's Status Page

  • A simple, zero-dependency, pure js/html status page based on GitHub Pages and Actions.

Checkout this repo here

3. Awesome Software Architecture

  • A curated list of awesome articles, videos, and other resources to learn and practice about software architecture, patterns, and principles.

Image description
Checkout this repo here

4. React Cool Img

  • A React Img component let you handle image UX and performance as a Pro!

Checkout this repo here

5. Klipse

  • Klipse is a JavaScript plugin for embedding interactive code snippets in tech blogs.

Image klipse
Checkout this repo here

6. Simple Git

  • A light weight interface for running git commands in any node.js application.

Checkout this repo here

7. Flatpickr

  • lightweight, powerful javascript datetimepicker with no dependencies

Checkout this repo here


That's all folks, Thank you for making it this far down. All the repositories mentioned are not just the only resources available, I'm sure there must be tons of other amazing project out there too. These are the ones that I really found helpful and often get myself indulged into.

Don't forget to star 🌟 these repositories as a thank you note for all the amazing contributors who put their effort creating these amazing resources for all of us.

Keep Claim And Just Code It 😎

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Ruis, Thiago

Nice post. Just not a top 10 haha. Thanks for sharing anyway 😁

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Chetan Atrawalkar

Thanks for your hard motivation πŸ‘