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Announcing web.dev LIVE: A three day digital event

michaelsolati profile image Michael Solati ・1 min read

Two weeks ago we, at Google, would have hosted our annual developer conference, Google I/O. Out of concern for the health and safety of all participants, and in compliance with local "shelter in place" orders, we decided to not host I/O in any capacity.

To bring together the web community in this unprecedented time, Google's Web Platform team is putting together a 3-day digital event. Watch our 10-20 minute sessions for 3 hours every day, where we'll host talks about modern web development and answer your questions!

From the comfort of your own home join other web developers to, "celebrate our community's actions, learn modern web techniques and connect with each other."

Watch live on:

  • June 30th, 9am - 12pm PDT (For developers in the Americas)
  • July 1st, 12pm - 3pm GMT (For developers in Europe & Africa)
  • July 2nd, 1pm - 4pm IST (For developers in Asia & Australia)

Be sure to sign up and get more information at web.dev/live!

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