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Interview Tips for Developers Part 1

I am writing this to address the common issue of getting a job as pertaining being developer, hardly will you find a developer who has not passed and experienced this process. So, in order to prevent and correct your mistakes and mindset towards interview, you've got to read this

Firstly, what is an interview?

Primarily, an interview is essentially a structured conversation where one participant asks questions, and the other provides answers. You would be asked questions based on your field for the intended job.

So, to get jobs easily without less stress and mistakes, let's journey down through the lines of this blog.


    The interviewing process of companies varies from each other. Typically an initial screening interview goes thus;

    • On phone (call)
    • A social media call (Skype) or zoom maybe
    • On sight interview

    Interview is a skill some people are naturally better at it than others but like anything else practice makes perfect.


    • Google "top 40 interview questions" based on your field and read through them.
    • Make sure you have stories you can easily talk about that demonstrate situations when you did some thing related to your field.
    • Maybe a class project or personal project.
    • A job assigned by maybe a former boss.
    • Check out the company online and know stuffs more about them.
    • Sample interviews questions and information about interviewing processes. Glassdoor is a great resources!
    • Information about what's like to work wherever you wish
    • Go to practice interviews with friends, families, campuses maybe, this will be of great help

This can be very hard for programmers especially, I feel we can check this book out for more knowledge "Cracking the coding interview".

Please kindly comment below for feedback and you can also link up with me on Twitter and follow me on this platform for more engagement, motivations, interactions and support as a developer.

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