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My crazy launch. 33.000 visitors💥, No.1 on several platforms.

ckissi profile image Csaba Kissi ・2 min read

I've created the Tabler Icons site for my own needs. The Tabler Icons SVG set is full of (550+) high-quality icons I use on a daily basis for my own projects.

So I've decided to make a small side project that allows me to customize the size, stroke, and color of the icons and copy them directly to the clipboard instead of downloading them.

The Project was featured on ProductHunt on July 10 (Friday). What happened then is magic.

Here are the results:

✅ No.1 on ProductHunt - 714 upvotes 🙌
✅ No.1 on Reddit (webdev)- 5.500+ upvotes, almost 300 comments, 7 rewards including 2 x Gold. 🚀🚀
✅ 5.800+ likes and 1.500+ retweets 💥💥
✅ 500 new followers on Twitter 🤝
✅ Featured on Muzli home page 🎉
✅ No.1 on DesignerNews 🥳
✅ Featured in Sidebario newsletter 🍾
✅ No.2 on WebdesignerNews 🎉
✅ Featured in several newsletters related to web dev and web design
✅ 2.500 visitors from Facebook 🔥
✅ 33.000 visitors visited the site.
🔴 No success at all on Hacker news 🤷‍♂️

Few more positive insights:

The number of repeating visits is increasing every day. That's great and indicates users like the site and will use it.

I've also noticed that the site was immediately recognized by Google and organic traffic is like 200 users/day (may decline probably in upcoming days).

The number of organic backlinks is increasing also.


My best launch ever. You need luck. I don't think this can happen again and again and you can replicate it. I've launched more than 20 projects so far but no one was close to this when it comes to launching success.

Waiting for your opinion about Tabler Icons

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Csaba Kissi


Laravel + Vue + NodeJS developer.


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Would be nice to see this tool together with icomoon app :)
(Szép munka!)

Do you plan to add some extra feature where people could either request either upload new icons (even by just vote or something)


You can make PR to the git repo


That is amazing! Well done and I love the product, super high quality!


Thank you Bobby hope you will use the site for your upcoming projects


Will definitely give it a try!


What a launch. That's a very good job.


Dakujem Vlado! (Thank you Vladimir!)


First time i see live configuration (stroke!) on icon website. Very cool idea and execution


Thank you Pawel.


Great job! I looked at the icons and they’re beautiful 👌🏾. Congrats on the awesome launch!


I’m glad you like the site Sandrico.


Nice pretty cool I saw your icon website on reddit first.


Thanks, Andrew. Yes, I was really surprised by how popular it was there.


Incredible launch! 👏

You'll get that coveted feature on Hacker News sooner or later. 👍


Thanks, hopefully. My submission was unsuccessful there.


This is really nice :) great job ! :)


Thank you, man!


A well-deserved congratulations for all of the recognition you've received on Tabler Icons, Csaba! It's such a well done project :)


Ohh maan! Thank you sooo much! This is appreciated to get support from the guy like you. I'm glad you found it useful for your followers and seems they like it. It's my passion to create side projects.
Thank you Addy once again!


Thank you


This is really awesome 👌 and great project.😍


Thank you so much!