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How does one go to bed?

I have recently started coding frequently and I can't tell how many times the clock struck midnight and my eyelids are wide open, my eyes are dry and red, and all I can think about is "how much I don't want to sleep because I want to code, but I have to." How do people deal with this?
I imagine most people just go coding away through dawn, but I actually NEED to have healthy habits by this time in my life. I guess good old discipline has been flown out the window and I'm gonna have to go downstairs and pick it back up.
Anyone have a better suggestion for this lazy begginer?

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Emma Goto 🍙

I think you should set up a "wind down" ritual. Stop coding an hour before bed, and give yourself some time to relax by reading a book or taking a bath, etc.

(Easier said than done though, it can be hard to stop programming once you get into it!)

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Mirko Vukušić

Hmm, when I was a kid, like 13,14, i hooked up on programming. My parents got up very early (like 6) so I was already going to bed after them. I got exactly the same feeling like you. More than once, i solved it by working till 5:50, turning off monitor (tv at the time), pretending to sleep till my parents leave, then go back :)
Today, im still most productive between 22:00 and 1 or 2am.
Point is, I'm not used to see young people striving for healthy habbits. At least not for those somebody imposes to them. Im used to seeing them make their own rules, often learning on their own mistakes, then adapting, then rince and repeat.
Find your own way.

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You're young. The drive will slowly pass =)