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Kadiri Talitu (Coded Salis)
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Who is a full stack developer?

As someone who is new to the web development world you may have heard of the word "full stack developer" or better still, maybe you haven't or perhaps, you're just a "tech enthusiast". ;)

The programming world as a whole is filled with many jargons and as a newbie you might be feeling overwhelmed with all these ocean of terms and you therefore need someone to explain many of them to you. Don't worry as you will gradually get used to them with time, even the most experienced of programmers sometimes need a reminder of their meanings.

"Full stack developer" is used to describe someone who is expert at back-end and front-end languages and frameworks. This means that this developer who calls himself a full stack developer is able to program the back-end of a website as well as design the front-end (User Interface).

Usually you will have the back-end developer build the API and handle all the server side logics involved in the web application while the front-end developer is responsible for developing the User Interface and taking care of User Experience and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), to mention but a few. But in the case of a full stack developer, he is responsible for doing both the Job of the front-end developer and that of the back-end developer.

To become a full stack developer, you will have to learn how to use front-end languages, frameworks and tools such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SASS, Webpack for compiling your JavaScript to support older browsers, etc and then the server side languages and frameworks such as Laravel for PHP developers, Django for the python developers, MySQL, sqlite, postgreSQL for communicating with the databases and other DevOps involved in the development of a full fledged web application. The list is so lengthy that I have to just name a few of them to keep it lean.

I hope I was able to explain it to your level of understanding, though I know there's more to it that I didn't mention but the idea for this article was to get you acquainted with the concept and what it represents and I'm pretty sure I have done that. If you have any questions or you want to contribute to the discussion, let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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