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Hi, my name is Caleb and I am from Atlanta, GA. I am an aspiring full stack web & mobile app developer who originally started out self-taught but I am now a student at a coding bootcamp called Flatiron School. I was first introduced to coding back in 2017 after watching a YouTube video by Chris Sean. He talked about his transition into his career as a web developer in 3 months. I indentified with his story and was intrigued.

The Journey So Far

I first started learning with Treehouse and to this day it is still one of my favorite resources to use to this day and I eventually started to supplement my learning with courses on Udemy and as I continued to learn more and more about coding I fell and love with it.

I had always had an interest in technology but never thought about it as a career path for myself. I used to be a culinary student but eventually had to step way from it as I was dealing with health issues that prevented me from pursuing that path. I knew that I wanted to pursue a career were I could be the creative person that I am and when I found coding and Front-End Web Development I was hooked. It provided a solution where I could combine my creativity, problem solving and love of tech into something I could truly be passionate about.

“Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

― Mark Twain

Why are you attending a bootcamp if you were self-taught?

When I first start with HTML and CSS it all came so easy to me and I loved it: it was the perfect introduction to coding. I to got use my creative qualities and apply them to building websites and creating something for a platform that I really enjoyed but then I got to the point where it was time for me to start learning JavaScript. Things weren't so easy then.

I eventually got to a point where I got stucka and felt like I had no where to go for answers or anyone to help me through those struggles. I was so close to giving up and in all honesty, I was at a point in my journey where I felt like I couldn't get any further alone but I hate giving up and feeling defeated especially when it's something that I want to do.

I started looking for a way to get passed this block in the road and eventually found Career Karma, a community of people all with the same goal: learning to code and making a career of it. It was at that point where I didn't feel so alone and isolated and as I continued to learn more about the resources out their that's when the idea of attending a bootcamp was introduced to me. Being able to have access to an instructor, resources and community that helps and uplifts each other was everything I need to continue learning and working towards my goals.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

-African Proverb

That's nice and all, but who is what is CODE-IT CALEB?

CODE-IT CALEB, is a fusion of all my personal interests given form, my alter ego if you will. My love of anime, comic books and videos games(My inner geek) combined with growing skills as a web developer.

An idea and side project of mine is to eventually create a coding platformer game based on the movie Wreck-It Ralph, hence the name CODE-IT CALEB.

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Chad M. Crabtree

Hi Caleb! This was a great read—thank you for sharing! So glad to see promising talent getting the most out of Career Karma!