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How I create a nice Github profile page in 5 min!

I will show you how create my profile github page in 5 min!

Let's check my current profile page

(And follow me on github 👀)

How I create profile on github

Before custom it, we need to create it!

It's very easy.

Go to github and create a new repository

Create the repository with your own github name!

Screenshot 2021-09-16 at 23.24.51

You will have a special event from github page!

Make you repository public & click on Add a README file

Go back to your profil and you can see that you have a profile page!

Screenshot 2021-09-16 at 23.26.19

Custom your profil

Ok so now it's the moment of fun!

Go to

After you fill all information that you need, click to Generate README at the bottom page.

Edit README on your repository and paste the code above!

And yes we did it in 5min!

I hope you like this reading!

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Bobby Iliev

This is pretty cool!

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Code Oz

Thank you Bobby!

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Đồng Phục Hải Triều

I made one with your tool, thanks a lot 🙏

codeoz profile image
Code Oz

I see it very nice !

colama12 profile image

Nice tuto thanks

codeoz profile image
Code Oz

thank you colama !