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Deepak Raj
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OpenCV-Snapchat Filter RestAPI with FastAPI

It's a Rest API for Face Filter using OpenCV, FastAPI.
Currently, It's using a simple haar cascade for face detection and applying mask by resizing on the face.
It can be integrated into the web app or Android/IOS mobile APP.

status: alpha

withot filter


Try It with your picture.

you will get the Image Url in Response. open it in the browser.

Create a POST request with file-field to get the filtered Image.

import requests

url = ""

# enter your full file path
file_path = ""

files ={
    'file': open(file_path, 'rb')

#choose mask 1 to 3
data ={
    'mask': 2

r =, files=files, data=data)
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face detection

Future roadmap

Facial keypoints and face emotion deep learning models for better accuracy and mask.

Share your Filtered Image in Comments and your Feedback.

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Great work buddy.