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Introduction to Agility CMS

What is Agility CMS?

Agility CMS is a SaaS headless content management system that makes the web more accessible to developers. It is a JAMstack tool that makes things easier for developers, it is fast, easy and it is also the best way to manage and maintain your content. Using Agility CMS is one of the best ways to JAMstack because of its accessibility.

Developers are looking for something easier and using a modern technology like Agility CMS is one of the things that can help. The modern web is very open and it even seems to be the future because most developers are definitely not going to do the much work in the future, with Agility CMS, we can predict the future.


There are lots of easy ways to integrate with Agility CMS. You can do that with Gatsby, Azure, Vercel, Zapier, AWS and Netlify. You can also build a Next JS website using Agility CMS’s starter. The accessibility is the main thing that most developers are looking for and Agility is perfect with that, it's even accessible to non-developers too. There are lots of things that can be built with it.


There are two starter themes at Agility - one is the NextJS starter blog theme and the Gatsby starter blog too. They are just two fully featured templates that can just be edited on a single page, Agility CMS is supercharged with JAMstack. It integrates seamlessly with modern, blazing-fast website frameworks and enables high-performance digital experiences and it also has a very fast performance. The themes are very easy to use, Agility CMS has done everything for the work to be very easy in order for people to use it.

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Features of AgilityCMS

  • It's accessibility: JAMstack allows you to edit themes easily on a single page. By using AgilityCMS you are already a JAMstack developer. Apart from developers, it is even more accessible to non-developers because you can create pages and manage sitemaps without writing a single line of code

  • Configuration: Configuration is very easy using Agility - everyone loves setting up something easily; you can just set up your website easily in a few seconds. There is no core technical skill needed before you can use Agility CMS. The modern web has a very simple configuration.

  • Architecture: The service is well structured, Agility has APIs and other developer resources that you can easily use. You can use the REST API or sync SDK (or both) to interact with your content. It also helps with creating a Single Page Application too. The architecture of Agility is perfect.

  • Page Management: You can manage pages and information right inside the CMS. Managing pages is very easy with Agility, it is one of the easiest things that can be done. Not only pages, you can manage contents too.

  • Speed and security: Apart from being accessible, it is also very fast and secure, It has a fast performance and it is a very great advantage of using Agility CMS. Serve pre-built markup and assets over a CDN. With Agility CMS's headless architecture and JAMstack approach, you can build website that loads easier and faster.

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In conclusion, even if you're a non-developer, you can get into JAMstack using Agility, it is so easy to use and fast. Agility is always the best way to JAMstack and people should get into it as soon as possible as it is evolving rapidly. Feel free to send questions to Agility via Twitter or myself .

Please don't forget to use Agilty CMS
Thanks for reading.

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