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What is Google Cloud Platform?

Well today my Uncle asked me about what is Google Cloud Platform as he is helping his grand-daughter to complete her holiday homework.This article is dedicated to him.

First we need to understand what is Cloud?

In technical term Cloud is the collection of computers over the internet whose services can be used by user(people) remotely without physically need to be their.

The services that Cloud offers are storing and retrieving user data on-demand, maintenance of user data, data security etc.

Secondly what is cloud computing?

According to Wikipedia Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power, without direct active management by the user(people)

In laymen term if you want to go to some place and you don't have a vehicle then what you do? Instead of buying new vehicle you prefer to take taxi from UBER or other public transport.Now try to understand the concept i.e

  1. Now their is not only single taxi in this world, their are large number of public transports whose facility user(people) can avail, so we can say group of taxi is our CLOUD which provide public transport facility.

  2. Secondly their are big giants like UBER at international level and OLA in India that provide taxi facility. From this context we can say that that these are the cloud platforms to which user interact similar to Google Cloud platform, Amazon Cloud, Microsoft Azure etc.

  3. Third key point is that to avail taxi facility users(people) don't have to go out of their home to taxi booking department,user can remotely order taxi using internet instead of going to some third party person to book taxi. Thus

    • User avail taxi facility on demand.
    • User no need to worry about how UBER or OLA provide taxi service.
    • User has the facility to choose type of service to avail like a.c car or non-a.c car or two wheeler vehicle, similarly in cloud computing user can adjust amount of storage needed, computation power needed.

Google Cloud Platform

It is the suite of various cloud computing services offered by Google. Means Google has its own dedicated powerful servers(computer) and hardware that provide cloud computing services.

Services provided by Google Cloud Platform

  • Compute
  • Storage and Database
  • Networking
  • Big Data
  • Machine Learning

Application that uses Google Cloud Platform

  • Google-Drive
  • Gmail
  • YouTube

In short Someone else owns a computer.
You put stuff on it over the network.When you want to access it, you connect to the network and access someone else's computer.This is all all about cloud computing

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Christian Brintnall

I believe Spotify and Snapchat are some of GCP's bigger users.