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Saving Time as a Freelancer

Written by Dan Parry.

I was sick of working 9–5 so I quit my job and went freelance, now I work 24/7 - Unknown freelance dev, 2021

Freelancing in tech can be both rewarding and highly demanding. You're hired to deliver and you need to come up with the goods to earn your paycheck. Your work needs to be high quality and on time if you want to keep getting hired. 

But when you're just one person, delivering a consistently high standard can be a challenge, especially when you're using the wrong tools. So today we want to tell you how we're trying to help…we've built an all in one online code editor, GitOps manager and Cloud provider.


How does that help me as a freelancer?

Time is a resource to us all, but freelancers know this pain more than most. With multiple clients asking for last-minute changes or updates of projects, anything that can save you time is an invaluable weapon in your arsenal. 

Codesphere puts your entire development pipeline in one place, so you don't need to sign up and into multiple tools for each stage of the development process. It comes with automatic CI/CD and managed infrastructure with no config required, so you can spend more time coding and building your projects. 

Keep your projects live and make changes on the fly

The product you deliver to your client very likely needs to be live all the time. If it goes down, you can expect some angry phone calls, and no excuse you give will be good enough; You are expected to provide consistent and reliable service. Deploying and hosting on Codesphere is all taken care of, so you don't have to worry about it.

Your project is live, but what if you need to make changes? You have to bring it offline, make the change, push the master, rebuild the image and then redeploy. But what if you could make changes to the live app? Codesphere lives in your browser and deploys, tests, and scales as you type.


It works on my machine

Like debugging, handing over the project to your client also needs to be seamless, and it needs to work every time. Coding to the cloud guarantees what you coded is what your client sees when it's time to present it. No environmental constraints to deal with and no unexpected deployment surprises, it always works on their machine… 

What's your take?

We know we're tooting our own horn here, but we want you to know what Codesphere actually is. We're still trying to find the people we can best help, so give us your feedback, tell us what you want to see in a product like ours. What problems are you facing that we can help solve?

Don't believe us? Try us out and help us build a better product - we're still trying to solve the DevOps problem…and maybe you don't even have a DevOps problem. Then again, no one had a problem with horses until the car came along.

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