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Amazing Flask Resources FOR FREE!

We live in a world full of resources and data. Being a Python Developer can't escape the trend. That being said, in this article you're going to get all the resources you need to get started for the Journey.

After learning Python basics, you'll find yourself being overwhelmed with a lot of information, and this can be very hard to go on. It becomes easier to get trapped in the Tutorial Hell 🔥.

Brief Description of Flask

Flask is a micro web framework written in Python. It is classified as a microframework because it does not require particular tools or libraries.

In other words, The Flask Framework is a Python platform that provides a foundation for developing software applications using Python Programming language.

If your goal is to use Python for Web Development apps, Flask is what you need (sort of) for the Journey. Flask helps you set the Backend of your Web App. It's equivalent to Django (Another Python Backend Framework), NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, and so on.

What is Special about Flask is its simplicity, there are not many things to get overwhelmed, You only get what you need, simply. 🤙

That being said, using your favorite front-end technology (React, Vue, Angular, Svelte, or whatever you prefer), before jumping to read on the resources, you really have to determine what you need, exactly. Because, as we just said at the beginning, there are tons of resources and information you don't need, but still it makes you overwhelmed...

Check these Resources

As they are plenty of them, here are the two main resources you can use as references to go and check according to what you need:

Refresh the memory with the Fundamentals

Without the fundamentals, there is no way to bring innovation, meaning there is a necessity of getting a foundation. Here are the main resources:

The Flask Mega-Tutorial

Five Best Python Flask Courses You need

Get the Resources you need to Build Real-world Projects

Knowing the Fundamentals isn't sufficient for real-world projects, you need to know topics like plugins (to avoid reinventing the wheel). Get the resources here:

Awesome Flask Links

Flask for your Project

Get the Benefit of the Flask Community

Coding, but Stuck with some bugs? Here is the Solution, Go and ask the Community:

Flask Subreddit Community
Python Subreddit Community

Thanks for reading this article, many others are coming very soon, Feel free to subscribe 🤙.

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