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Sarcastic web services and websites that actually exist 😂

Check out this list of sarcastic web services, websites, and libraries that actually exist. These websites are made to mock developers with respect to different technologies !😂

sarcastic web services

1. Fuck off as a service (FOAAS)

FOAAS (Fuck Off As A Service) provides a modern, RESTful, scalable solution to the common problem of telling people to fuck off.

foaas - sarcastic web services

Love the API documentation man! This API supports JSON, XML and plain text response, filters and international support as well 😂

Here are a few endpoints

Path Description
/version Will return content with the current FOAAS version number.
/operations Will return a JSON list of operations with names and fields. Note: JSON Only
/anyway/:company/:from Will return content of the form ‘Who the fuck are you anyway, :company, why are you stirring up so much trouble, and, who pays you? – :from’
/asshole/:from Will return content of the form ‘Fuck you, asshole. – :from’
/awesome/:from Will return content of the form ‘This is Fucking Awesome. – :from’
/back/:name/:from Will return content of the form ‘:name, back the fuck off. – :from’

They have a roadmap as well !😂

foaas kid - sarcastic web services

2. Sarcasm Javascript library

Sarcasm is easy-as-pie, batteries-included, non-opinionated, simple-to-get-started, lightweight, reliable, convenient, dead simple, user-friendly, super-sonic, hypercharged, kick-ass javascript library on steroids.

sarcasm JS library

I was shocked by the lack of sarcasm in javascript community recently, so I rushed to my laptop to create this awesome library for all the world to witness and use it. – Library’s Author

How does this work

You need to add this library as a dependency and call sarcasm function, simple as that!


This is the best library to use during teaching course of young developers and also great for keeping senior developers in shape. – Elliot Draisen

Yay! Finally library I can call essential! Our community needs more stuff like this. Love it, love it, love it. – Leen Duchovny

This made my life! – Pidr Oleokka

Tip of the day: “npm i sarcasm” and be happy, peace. – Bert Gosh

Let me write a testimonial quickly 👏

3. Motherfucking website.

mother fucking website

This website was made to mock frontend developers who bloat websites with unnecessary libraries, animations and over-design them!

Just read the god damn website. You can see yourself when you first started using jQuery plugins !😂

4. Vanilla-JS library

This library was made to mock developers using Javascript libraries and frameworks unnecessarily and also the rise of JS fatigue!

vanilla js library

Vanilla-js is nothing but plain JS that is available in all browsers. This website sarcastically mentions and the features of plain JS and also how lightweight it is at just 25 bytes (empty file).

It also lets you download an empty library with a modular approach 😁


shout cloud

Cloud that Shouts

This is an All Caps as a service! You send some input text and the API responds with all Caps!

Key features

  1. Highly scalable
  2. Client libraries in many programming languages

FOAAS already has an integration with Shout Cloud. I’m going to use this service for my next projects 😎 ✌

Wrapping up

There are just a few services that I came across. Do let me know in the comments if you know any other sarcastic websites or web services!

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marcdel profile image
Marc Delagrammatikas • Edited

I made because I'm literally 12.

mislavcimpersak profile image
Mislav Cimperšak

I'm collecting such libs and services for the past year.
Feel free to check it out and contribute of course :D

david_j_eddy profile image
David J Eddy • Edited

Shameless plug. a PHP abstraction of the wonderful no-code (` repo as a PHP composer package:

magyarosibotond profile image
Botond Magyarosi

You can also check out to dispose your data 😂

patricktingen profile image
Patrick Tingen

There used to be a website called the abuse-a-tron, different from the one that still can be found, where you could get some swear words thrown at you. Really loved it but I also had a good laugh with FOAAS

nguyennb9 profile image

Great!, I will use these tools for my next project 😂

loebkes profile image
richardvk profile image
Richard vK

I had a frustrating day and needed the laugh, thanks!

alanruddick profile image
Alan Ruddick

Let's not for get the DBAD (Don't be a Dick) License by Phil Sturgeon

gman98ish profile image
George Kelly

Host Chopper is pretty fun

gab profile image
Gabriel Magalhães dos Santos its not an api, but is top 5 famous, and old, websites from Brazil. Its basically a image of a pudim

manueltorrez profile image
Manuel Torrez

It's not a service but a good website:

avasconcelos114 profile image
Andre Vasconcelos • Edited

We can simply not ignore the is-thirteen library, a library with a plethora of features to indicate whether or not a value is, in fact, equals 13.