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Tom Collins
Tom Collins

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How do you manage wellness and avoid distractions?

With so many new remote workers I'd love to hear how others are managing this new way of work.

My living room has now become an office/gym/living room. Separating work and life is more challenging for me now. The desk and laptop are always looming in the corner of the room.

Conversely, I tend to become more distracted without the structure of the office.

  • How do you all separate work from life?
  • How are you managing your mental health?
  • How are you remaining focused during the workday?

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George Kemp

I make it a habit to put hide my work laptop and clean up my desk at the end of the week so that im not tempted the do any work on the weekends. I also go on an end of day walk to separate work and relaxation. :)

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Tom Collins

One thing I am trying to do is to practice more digital minimalism. I want to reduce the time I spend on my phone as well as general internet browsing. I'd like to become more intentional with this.

Listened to a great podcast about this recently:

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Matt Curcio

Hey Collin, I was already to listen to the link you provided but then saw it is two + hours, WOW. Two plus hours is not the definition of minimalism. Ironic?

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Luis Augusto

It helps to keep a schedule by putting everything on your calendar (lunch breaks, work hours, dinner, etc) so you have more concrete work and personal time and try to follow that as best you can. Wearing headphones during worktime also helps me remove any audible distractions while working too, even if nothing is playing.

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Valentin Sawadski (he/him)

For focus and work/life separation I have a simple trick: I wear headphones 🎧