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What are your favorite articles on dev.to?

corentinbettiol profile image Corentin Bettiol ・1 min read

The algorithms that help us find relevant content on dev.to are something, but I think we all have favorite articles about development, and I want to discover new content that is not trendy or based on the tags I follow.

Here's mine so far

What's yours?


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I found myself reading this one a couple of times while I was learning about functional programming in javascript.

There also one that I wrote that I am very proud of: Composition techniques. It's also about functors and monads but in the context of function composition (with a practical example).


Didn't know about functors and monads, thanks :)

edit: I didn't know anything about composition in functional programming either, thanks for your article!


It's difficult to tell because we don't have a history of "liked" or "unicornified" posts. Perhaps this should become a feature request :)


Yup, great idea!
I think it's being discussed on github.

edit: yup
edit edit: looks like we're waiting a confirmation


I don't use Nginx, but I understand the interest for this post :)