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10 Most Demanding Web Frameworks in 2020

StackOverflow is the most popular website in the developer community. Every year StackOverflow survey developers to get insights. This survey includes a detailed analysis of the most popular technologies, web frameworks, libraries, tools, databases, platforms among developers.

We analyzed the last few surveys and filtered out the most popular web frameworks among web developers. Today, we will discuss the most demanding web framework in 2020. So if you are the one who is thinking of learning new programming languages and frameworks in the web development field, then this post is for you.

The framework plays an essential role in the field of web development and web applications. So you must know any of these frameworks if you are thinking of working in the web development field.

There are many frameworks available in the market. Every framework has its own advantages and disadvantages. So choosing the best framework on which you should work can be difficult.

This is also one of the main reasons why I am writing this article. The main motive of this article is to tell you guys the list of the best framework on which you should focus in 2020.

In this post, we will discuss the total of Ten most demanding frameworks in 2020. So if you are planning to learn any framework then read this article till the end.

1. Django - Python Framework

Django is a framework that helps in building quality web applications. It is widely used for the fast development of APIs and web applications. Moreover, Django is a free open source web development framework.

More than 12,000 known projects are built in the Django framework. Moreover, it is one of the older web development frameworks.

It is the top pick of many developers because of its modern view on problem-solving and constant improvements. Moreover, Django is based on Python language, which is one of the most used programming languages in the world.

Any application from small applications to large applications can create with the help of the Django framework. Python and Django full stack developer bootcamp is a good option to start with Django development.

2. Spring - Java Framework

Spring is the most popular application development program for java enterprise. It allows developers to write backend web applications in java.

Most of the developers around the globe use the spring framework to create high-performance web apps. Moreover, it helps in creating simple, fast, flexible, and portable java based applications. For beginners in Java, learning Spring is very easy by taking Spring tutorials masterclass.

Spring is based on java language, and it also eases the process of finding and adding dependencies required for a particular project.

3. Laravel - PHP Framework

Laravel is a framework created in 2011 by Taylor Otwell. Moreover, it follows the MVC architectural pattern.

Laravel framework is useful for building fast backend web applications. Laravel framework is also known as a fully-featured backend web development framework.

There is one more framework name lumen framework which is form through the Laravel framework. Moreover, the Lumen Laravel framework is mainly preferred by the coder as it is more efficient as compared to the Laravel framework.

Laravel framework is based on PHP language, and its latest version is Laravel 7.0. The collection of free laravel tutorials is a good collection to learn laravel.

4. Rails Framework

Ruby on Rails is a very efficient web development program developed by David Heinemeier Hansson. It is a free open source MVC backend web development framework.

According to most of the developers, the Rail framework is one of the most developer-friendly programs. Moreover, the Rail framework provides developers with the pre-define solution that helps them to perform repetitive tasks.

The Rail framework is base on Ruby Language. Ruby courses can be helpful in learning ruby and building back end of web applications like Github, Shopify, and Zendesk.

5. React JS Framework

React is not a framework, but it is a frontend javascript library. This doesn’t mean it should not be available on the list because many developers consider React as a framework.

React is very much popular in the developer because of its revolutionary component-based architecture. Moreover, React provides a straight forward and quick interface to the developers for the creation of any program.

One more reason that why React is famous in the framework is because it is used in two big projects Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, React is developed and maintained by Facebook. For beginners, best react js tutorials is a good point to start learning React Js.

6. Angular JS Framework

Angular is considered as one of the best frameworks for web developers. It is a framework that is developed and maintains by Google.

Angular framework help developers to build powerful web applications. This framework is useful to build high performance and large scale web applications.

The applications built with the help of the Angular framework are easy to maintain. Moreover, thousands of web apps created with the help of an Angular framework.

The Angular framework is based on javascript language, and with top angular tutorials, it is fast to get understanding for Angular. The latest version of the Angular framework is Angular 7.1.5.

7. Express Framework

Express is a flexible and minimal framework that provides developers various features for web and mobile development. It is a free open source backend web development framework.

Express framework is the topmost framework on Node.js. It is widely preferred by developers all over the world for the development of backend web applications. It is most recommended to learn Express framework in 2020.

Moreover, it is also helpful to build efficient APIs. One of the essential things of the express framework is the mean software bundle. Express framework is based on javascript language.

8. Vue.js Framework

Vue.js framework is the newest framework for web development. It is getting trendy among developers due to its great features.

Vue.js is a progressive framework that means if you already have a project, then you can use Vue on only one portion of that project, and everything will work just fine without any lag or other problem.

Vue has a straightforward architecture, and it is very easy to solve issues on Vue. However, with these many useful features, still, people do not invest in this as big companies like Facebook and Google do not support it.

Still, without the support of these big companies, the growth and popularity of Vue.js are increasing day by day, and it is worth to learn Vue Js and I am sure after sometime developers start trusting on Vue.js framework.

9. JQuery

Jquery is a small, fast, and rich javascript library. It can help you to do HTML document traversal, manipulation, animation, and event handling.

Jquery has a very simpler and easy to use interface. Moreover, it works across many platforms. Jquery has a changed way for developers to write javascript.

10. Flask - Python Framework

A python developer Armin Ronacher created a flask framework in 2004. It helps developers to create a very lightweight backend web applications.

Flask framework allows developers to create scalable and customized web applications. Moreover, the Flask framework is not only quickly set up, but it is also truly flexible.

Flask Framework is based on Python language. Just like Django, for beginners, it is easy to learn Flask with basic knowledge of Python.

I hope guys, after reading this article, you got an idea of which framework you should work on. If you guys found this article helpful, then don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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Thomas Leon Highbaugh

Good rundown you wrote there.

Personally I am going to call React a JavaScript unicorn washing machine, it has about the same semantic meaning as any other title I have seen people endlessly debate about.

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No doubt in it.

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Nice article .Laravel 7+ is actually the latest version of Laravel not 5.2

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Thank you for spotting it. I will change it

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What exactly does "most demanding" mean? Do you mean hardest to use/learn or most in demand?

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Tomas Rimkus

I imagine it's supposed to be most in demand since the article is based on "Most loved web frameworks" from Stack Overflow survey.