Which language should I take to make a web app

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I will start developing a responsive web app. I will make the interface with bootstrap. I'll make the frontend development in JQuery.
I'm used to work with php for the backend on other web pages I done, but I'm not sure in this case is the best option. Is better to star working with Node.js or Angular just to have everything bases on js?

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Hi Clara, it also depends on how much time you have to invest into something new :-)

I don't know much about PHP but if you don't have specific requirements why not stick to it? There's a sizable Laravel community on this website ;-)

Another tip: if you want to introduce new tools (be it Node on the server or Angular on the client) I would probably do it in steps if I were you, just because of... time.

Learning Node.js AND Angular in one go might delay the completion of your new app.

So you have at least two options:

  1. keep PHP on the server side and learn Angular (or React or Vue) on the client side
  2. learn Node.js on the server side and stick to jQuery for a while more :-)

Since client side frameworks are not exactly "easy" to digest (you have to learn ES6, webpack and the framework) I would choose option 1 :-)

And, for example, in a second moment you can rewrite the server in Node.js

This might help you: medium.com/unicorn-supplies/angula...


I will take option 1, I'm still not sure which option I will try (Angular, React or Vue)
Thank you so much!


For the back-end, use whatever you're familiar with and what's able to respond with static files and JSON data. If you are not well versed in CSS, want to save time and don't care that your application will look like a thousand others, use bootstrap. jQuery is not best suited for web apps. I would suggest a client framework like Vue or (p)react instead of Angular, which are somewhat simpler.


I will use PHP for server side. I will try to learn Vue, React or Angular, I'm still not sure which one.
I have good experience with CSS, but some classmates tell me to use Bootstrap to make work more quick and focus on the functionality of the app. Working with Vue, React or Angular I will discard bootstrap and work with my own CSS.
Thanks you so much!


I think that's a good choice that you won't regret. Maybe have a look into the differences and similarities between those frameworks.


Always go with something you know well

So that You spend more time on developing and upgrading features than messing over bug fixes

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