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Cristian Estarlich
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My setup as a Web Dev in 2022

Hello world!

This is my first post in sorry if I make some mistakes :D


Currently I'm working with a MacBook pro m1 13,3" with 16GB of ram and 512gb SSD.

Image description

My mouse is the Logitech G502 Hero.

My main monitor is a Samsung Ultrawide 49"

For this monitor (Is huge) I use the Ergotron HX, is a monitor arm that supports the weight of the monitor (Around 15kg)

I work remotely so for meetings I have two things:

  • Logitech webcam C920
  • Blue yeti microphone

And finally this is how my setup looks:

Image description

I'm thinking in buy a mechanical keyboard, in the past I used the Corsair K68 but the feeling with key cups was a mess, feels like a "cheap" keyboard and it's around 100€. So any recommendation will be listened :D


I will divide this in some sections.

  • Productivity.
  • Coding.
  • Bonus tracks.


For take notes, organise my daily basis work, manage and prepare meetings and anything that involves text that are not code I use notion.


I tried a lot of applications for writing, in the past I used ulysses because I tried to write short-stories, a fantasy book and some "madness" that I have inside my head.
Why I'm using notion? Because is super super versatile

I can have a Kanban board for manage things that does not have a ticket in Jira.

Image description

I'm trying to tag things in my kanban with a method that I learned in a course made by Patrick Kua:

This course was super helpful for me, I'm trying to be a technical leader and the constant context switching can be a nightmare in any kind of "lead". I super recommend this course, not only for leads, is hard to prioritise our daily-work and Patrick have a lot of "methods" to help you in this journey this in combination with Notion was awesome.

Recovering the main thread, as I said, notion is helping my a lot managing my work, study and anything related. The Kanban board is only one of a lot of things that you can do in this app, the only what you need to exploit the versatility of this software is think and be creative, the way to organise the info in our heads is totally different between us but if you want to know more about how I work with notion just put a comment and I'll try to make another post.


Is a the perfect substitute of the spotlight.
I use it for throw Spotify track lists, search quickly notes in Notion, open any app or manage Vscode projects.

Another thing that is super useful for me is the management of windows, I'm using an ultrawide monitor and for resize apps I have a lot of shortcuts like these:

Image description

Raycast have a lot of extensions to work with, like an integration with Jira, VSCode and a lot of third party apps.

Microsoft Edge

I will try to be honest with this new friend. I hate a lot Microsoft and some their policies, and bad things that they made in the past (What I hate a lot is Windows, I can't work with Windows without have suicidal tendencies🤣)

But we should be honest and the new version of Edge it's amazing, works super fast, have features that I love and the UI is simple, clean and fresh. The goal is super clear here, avoiding the sh** of IE and adopting chromium was the best step that Microsoft made in their browser development history.

Microsoft Teams

The application that I use as a tool for communication. We do the dailies, private calls and anything that needs a video call or a quick chat with Microsoft teams.

I'm not sure what pretends Microsoft with this new app, but I hate it a lot, the UI is a kick in the balls, when I'm seeing the channel of my team I cannot see the private chats and vice-versa, the buttons have icons that are not describing the function that they have assigned.

The performance in Mac is ridiculous (in Windows is exactly the same). If you want to make some laughs just open reddit an search the subreddit of this app.



I'm using Iterm + Oh My ZSH and PowerLevel10k

I'm an obsessed of minimalism and this is how it looks right now:
Image description

No borders, no window titles, no scrollbars, no buttons for close or resize the window (I resize it with shortcuts) and only a dark bar in the bottom with things like ram usage and so on.

Visual Studio Code

I guess I can do an exclusive post only to talk about visual studio code. So for now I will show only my extensions and some details.

Extensions that I'm using:

  • Better Comments
  • Cucumber (Gherkin) Full Support
  • Docker
  • Error lens
  • EsLint
  • GitLens
  • IntelliCode
  • Live share
  • Mintify
  • Vscode-icons

Image description
Minimalist obession as I said

Bonus tracks

  • Amphetamine: I use it for keep my laptop always opened.
  • Monitor control: For control the brightness of my external monitor with shortcuts.
  • Spotify: Nothing to comment about this software, thanks for the partnership with FC Barcelona!
  • Grammarly: For correct language mistakes that probably you already saw in my post (I'm not an english native)

That's it for now!
Thanks for reading and if you have any doubt just put a comment!

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andrewbaisden profile image
Andrew Baisden

Nice setup 😍

danirb profile image

Nice setup! you are improving every day, you will be lead or all that you propose to be!

wjk22 profile image
Wojtek Kalka

At least you use oh-myzsh .. still dump mac ... as written in another comment wsl and proper linux is the way to go also virtualization and git etc pp learn nvim and use vim plugin on vscode .. and get a nice external keyboard.

crisoncode profile image
Cristian Estarlich • Edited

I tried to work with Windows 10 for a year an a half and WSL wasn't good experience for me. Probably is because I worked always with mac. What does not have any discussion here is the performance of the new Apple silicon processors, for throw tests in Mocha, compile things with webpack and a lot of examples, the performance of this processor is unbelievable.

I'm with you about Linux, I love linux but as I put in the post I'm working with Microsoft teams..... I invite you to try to work with Microsoft apps in Linux.

bobbyiliev profile image
Bobby Iliev

Awesome! Love it!

apimike profile image
Mike Rozner

Great setup

waffle profile image

incredible setup!
can you tell me what is that vscode theme? It really caught my attention

crisoncode profile image
Cristian Estarlich

yes for sure! is the jetbrains fleet theme