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GitHub is down...again. How is your week going?

cristian profile image Cristian ・1 min read


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Matteo Bruni

This week was a productive one!

  • I improved last week TypeScript unit testing
  • Created particles emitters

  • Learnt about Spatial Hash Maps to improve performances of particles (w/ help of another contributor)
  • Fixed the collision system that was just random, now it has math 🤣

  • Created particles absorbers (black holes)

  • A lot of refactoring and bug fixing, but it's not much exciting 🤣
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Cristian Author

Wow, those look awesome!

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Ben Halpern

Some folks from our team just finished DEVS on Hulu.

We were just talking about it because of GitHub being down.

Probably deserves its own thread due to spoilers...

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Cristian Author

I had no idea this show existed, I'll have to give it a shot!

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Thanks for asking. My week has been going ok so far. I've been dealing with errors in nodejs and python recently, but learning about threejs has kept me happy so far.