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What's your favorite programming channel?

cristoferk profile image CristoferK ・1 min read

What's your favorite programming YouTube channel?
Mine are Web Dev, Web Dev Simplified, Codingflag, and Online Tutorials.

Also, I am making programming tutorials too! Here is the link to my channel
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Vincent Milum Jr

Not a YouTube channel, but instead a Twitch channel, because it allows for direct intractability, plus the devs are really freaggin awesome people in general.

Check out

They stream development of the various indie video games they're making, explaining every little detail along the way, plus endless amazing insights from their many of experience from working at AAA studios.

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Eduardo Cookie Lifter

Not youtube, Laracasts. If you're developing with Laravel you have to get an account there... if you want.

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Pranav Baburaj • Edited

I like SecondThread and TechWithTim

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Alex Weininger

Hussein Nasser has tons of great content on backend software engineering, including reverse proxies, docker, and much more. Love his channel!

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YouTube channels I like are

  • Dev Ed
  • fireship
  • net ninja
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Madza • Edited

Here is the list of my favorites 😉📺