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Please don't come Bank IT if you are good programmer.

I am a software programmer. I have tried a lots of time to being a good software engineer. I was working in a reputed software company in my country. The sad part of mine is , When i was in software company i had lots of time to learn and implement. But with the influence of my colligue i was applied on Bank software development department. I thought it will be the same environment as my company. But reality is very different , here in Banking Software development envionment of wroking is very bad. I can not getting comfortable with this environment.

I want to get back my own kingdom. But at the same time most of the software company is vounarable. Now what i need to do . Please help me.

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Katharina Koal

I'm sorry to hear that. Bad decisions always suck at first. But when the disappointment gets less annoying, try to change over to analysis mode. What has led you to the decision to take this job? Did you gather enough pieces of information about the company?
Setting your own career goals could be very helpful when thinking about whether you align with an employer or not.
I highly recommend this article:

But for now, i guess, you have two options:

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Jannik Wempe

Hey, I am not quite sure for what kind of answer you are looking for. I think you now the answer already...

In my opinion: Go and look for something different and change your working environment to something you would probably like (based on your experiences).

(I can understand your thoughts about banking software development. I was myself an IT consultant for financial institutions. It isn't a striving, motivating and innovative environment...)

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Ankit Beniwal

What exactly is the difference which you feel there? What do you miss from your previous work environment?

It will be helpful if you could be more specific about it.