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CSS Background Guides

CSS Backgrounds can be a great way to add a splash of color to your pages, but there are a lot of options!

This is a collection of top and trending guides written by the community on subjects related to CSS Background concepts. For all things CSS, check out the CSS tag! Please contribute more posts like this to help your fellow developer in need.

How to overlay your background images

Often, we have background images that we put text on top of. An example could be a hero section, or the above-the-fold content on basically any marketing site these days.

How to Create a Polka Dot Background with CSS

It can be created with only a single HTML tag and these background-related CSS properties:

24+ Awesome CSS Pattern Background Generators

Here I list 24 awesome resource that will help to generate background image for your next web project.

How to Change Background Opacity without Affecting Text

CSS can be tricky, and at times, frustrating to work with. One of the things I had trouble figuring out was how to change the opacity of a background without it also affecting the opacity of the text it contained.

Tutorial on CSS Background Image Hovers & Transitions

In CSS, background-image(s) are used everywhere, but not many people animate or transition them. I will cover a few cool ways you can start using them with hover effects.

We will cover:

Fill Background Animation using CSS

Hello, ladies and gentlemen.

Recently I was trying to make button with background animation.

A trick to change the autocomplete background-color

When I worked on a project as a front end developper I found myself stuck with a little issue, the website was black on the background and when a user would use the input,the autocomplete would turn the box to white background, So I decided to look up on google to find an explanation, it seems that the chrome agent won't let you change your background, so I had to find a new way, here's the solution

Fading in a video background in React is fun!

Using a video as a background is fun. It allows for captivating website design. Unfortunately videos are on the heavy side of the MB spectrum, which means they take a bit more time to load than your HTML, Javascript and CSS. As a result the video might suddenly pop up in the background after your visitor already has settled into the website, slightly ruining the elegant effect it's supposed to have. To solve this we can use a short fade-in on the video.

How to set background image in React

Having trouble setting a background image in your react project? I was looking at many posts on websites and I was finally able to solve this problem.

Responsive Background Image Using CSS

You can create a responsive background image with just CSS.

Remove White Border From Blurry Background Image

Now let's talk about the annoying white border!

If you create a blurry background image this will happen :

How To Show a Background Overlay and The Content of a Column on Hover in Elementor

In this post, I am going to show you how to display a background overlay of a column and the headline widget on top of it when the user hovers over the image. The final product would be like this:

Alt Text

Add a video background in HTML/CSS

Here's a simple tutorial on how to add a video background to your website ! You'll learn all the tips and tricks to make it responsive.

CSS background-image as box-shadow?

Is it possible to get background image as box-shadow?

Responsive background images with image-set, the srcset for background-image

The image-set property allows us to do the same for background images in CSS. This feature has been requested for years, but it did not get the same hype as other, newer, CSS features like parent selectors or container queries.

Change Background-color Dynamically

Hello Everyone,

This is a Quick Tutorial that describes how to dynamically adjust background color when you choose a color from your custom color picker.CSS-variables are the key concept for this tutorial.Demo

How can object-fit property save you from misusing the background images

It's a very common situation - you have an image that needs to fit its content box without losing the aspect ratio. It seems that the easiest way to solve the problem is to insert your picture via CSS background-image and give it the background-size: cover property. There are also other background-* properties that can help you with positioning and styling.

Simple way set watermark background image with SVG

If you set page background with watermark like post screenshot. you can follow my code :)

Video as Text background using CSS

In this article, we will use any video as the background of the text. As you may have already know you cannot use directly video as the text background, so well take the little help of css to make it work. First things first let's see what are building -

Speech bubbles with background images

I wanted to have a speech bubble-like element with a custom background image. This method is pretty hacky, but it works and it doesn't have limited browser support, unlike clip-path.

Changing Background Image Opacity Using before and after pseudo-elements

Now let us give our webpage a background image.

Why you should always set a background color

Let's say I'm a fan of dark mode and I set the browser's background color to #000000.

Tailwind zooming background images

You might be familiar with this pretty cool background zoom effect, you hover a card, and the image zooms towards you?

Every CSS Background Property illustrated 2021 || CSS 2021

Today we're gonna learn all CSS background properties with every possible value along with short-hand. Let's Go !🏅

All you need to know about background-position

When dealing with background-position we have two common situations:

CSS Make Background Image Full Screen

Learn how to set an image of any size as the background of an HTML element full screen in CSS!

Change the Background Color using JavaScript / HTML & CSS

Hey Devs !! Welcome.In this new Post

you'll see a beginner friendly project on javascript,

to change the background color on click , Blog

Here I'll add my Code Snippets below ! 😍

Create a generative landing page & WebGL powered background animation

Our UI and background animation are now complete. It's looking great, and you will see a new color palette/orb animation each time you refresh the page. 

Use image-set() while supporting Firefox with dynamically loaded background images

Note: this blog post was a learning from a project at Columbia Road, an updated version can be found on the company site: Tech logs: Use image-set() while supporting Firefox with dynamically loaded background images

CSS Blurry Background Image

Today we are going to look into making a background image look blurry. It is easy to achieve in CSS.

[#Beginners] Gradient Background Generator Project⚡

It will give the linear color gradient value for the background which could be used in CSS to save time🕙

All CSS Background Properties Explained in 5 Minutes

I remember when I first tried setting an image background in CSS.

🔥Awesome Resource For Your Web Projects: 75+ Background Resources🔥

Web development is not an easy task, for a beginner it will be a very complex and confusing one, the complexities can be overwhelming; may feel disappointed. Only experience in the field will help to overcome the complexities and confusions and experience will not come in a day or a year, it takes a lot of time. For the beginners it will be hard but the world wide web is here to save us from getting disappointed, nobody is born as a master. In the web world there are lots of resources which will help to develop web project with some easiness, I won't say easy but resources will help a lot in web development, like css code generators, image resources, layout generators etc. The main thing is we need to know what resources are available in the web where can we find it, here I created a list of resources that can be used in your web projects. The list mainly consists of resources that help you to get a awesome background for your web project.

Generate Different Background color based on ul depth using css variable

So Recently i have come across a requirement where i had to create separate background-color based on ul deptt, i had html like this

Create automatic background changer with pure css.

You can chose your own images as per your need.


We have made simple background image changer animation with simple css. Hope you like this post. Thankyou for reading this.

Do not use the CSS background shorthand property in React

Apparently, using the CSS background shorthand property with a backgroundSize prop causes this last property to be cleared if and when the background property is updated.

Full background-color that will take the full width on hover

How can I style my hoverable background color to take full width in a display:flex styling?

Discover 7 amazing tips and tricks about the CSS background image

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Blur Background Using CSS

Blur Background in any website looks amazing and attractive to users. But ever wondered how this blur is made ? Well the answer is "Easy".

Happy CSS Background coding!