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Question for software developers

I would like to know, if you, if you would like to learn for software development, you would prefer learning an usual programming language or a no-code/low-code technology?

I have to work a lot with both and kinda enjoy the mix of it. But I prefer a lot programming with languages like JavaScript or C#. It is understable, that it takes more time and effort to master it, which can make it frustrating for beginners, but in the end, you can not only solve a lot more problems, but also create better solutions for complex systems.

But I also should add, that there are no-code/low-code applications extended with custom development, which is sometimes needed anyway.

What is your opinion?

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aben • Edited

It depends on your goal, either you are young, and maybe a future computer scientist or a developer. Or a developer looking for customers and naturally money, quick, now, because of competition or other factors...and you are trying to make something done and sell it.

It really depends !!!

I never tried low-code but I see what it is, I see it can be very enjoyable so I would suggest a mix because you enjoy both !

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James Vanderpump

In a way, one could call WordPress a no-code technology. That is until you create your first plugin or theme. As @cndavu mentioned it all depends. I've abused WordPress a lot with off the shelf plugins. I had to learn how to write my own plugins after a while as my needs become more advanced. Later on I realised I needed to build a custom solution to better serve my customers. Currently running a Next.js site with a Node.js/Express API for the backend. Use whatever you're comfortable with and gets you to a Minimal Viable Product the fastest. Even if it's not the hottest tech.

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Charles Ndavu

It depends with your preferences. balancing them is important, but I would prefer usual programming language because it acts as a foundation

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