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What are some useful functions of JavaScript, which you like to show?

Usually I enjoy it a lot to look for posts here, which provide some standard functions of JS. With this I can extend my knowledge step by step and these can be useful many times. At least it feels to make more sense than learning more about a Framework or any other product, which I possibly will not use soon.

What are some funtions, which you would like to share with us?

Let me start as first contributor.

I like the JSON object's functions "parse" and "stringify", because the JS objects are very similar to the stringified representation of JSON. With "parse" you can easily create a JS object from a JSON string and with "stringify" you can do this the other way round. But for the latter you have to be careful: JS objects are more powerful, you will not be able to convert any object to JSON. More here: Mozilla documentation. Thanks for reading and any contribution in advance!

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CuriousDev • Edited

It is good to know Hoisting, because it explains how it is possible to be able to define functions after executions.

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Sam oo Líng

nice! I'm looking forward to it

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The higher order array methods map, forEach, reduce and sort