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Deciding on a Tech Stack: Backend

For the backend, I wanted to use a headless CMS.

I have used the new CMS, Strapi, before so I decided with that.

Strapi Homepage

Here are a few of the reasons why I went with Strapi:

  • An open-source CMS. (I don’t want to spend more than 10$/month in hosting)
  • A NodeJs backend.
    • I want to get a better understanding of Javascript and I thought this could help.
    • Headless/ API driven.
  • I want to better understand API’s and specifically how authentication works with one.
  • Strapi’s documentation, community, and company.
    • Strapi has a vibrant community.
    • Their documentation is great. There are some typos, which I have worked on and as I work on this project, I figured I will be able to make edits as I have time.
    • It seems like Strapi has a great company foundation and will be around for a long while.
  • Strapi’s API
    • I love Strapi’s API that comes out of the box. It takes zero configuration to build a fully functional REST API and Strapi comes with many features, like image optimizations, that I won't have to build.

Here is another article I wrote about Strapi with a video overview of the Strapi API:

Well, this is the tech stack of my personal portfolio! You can follow the Frontend and Backend repos on Github to see how they develop through this project.

Look out for more blogs in this series as I continue to document the process of building my portfolio.😊

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